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There are a hundred reasons for hiring a cab service today. When you are stuck somewhere in bad weather without your own vehicle or you’re getting late for an important meeting and you don’t have the time and patience to look for a parking space, you prefer to opt for a cab service. Even while going to the airport or railway station, most of the people don’t like taking their own car as they would have to spend time looking for the parking space and then also worry about the safety. Cab services in Jaipur by leading travel agency in Jaipur, Bhati tours are here with all the benefits that travelers look for while searching for reliable services.

Taxis are a convenient and dependable option also. You can save on money and fuel by hiring a cab or taxi service. Less no of cars in the road leads to less pollution also. The cab service can serve as an excellent option to solve the transportation problems in the city. They are safe as they are under the control of the Transport Department, and operates according to standards and strict codes of conduct. These taxis are also available 24*7 for our service and can be easily availed in case of any kind of emergency.

These days you don’t even have to stand at the taxi stands or in queue to hire a taxi. With the age of internet and multiple apps available, a taxi can can come at your doorstep with the help of just a few clicks. Its all very simple and easy to operate. Apart from this, Cabs by Bhati Tours are easily available for the travelers and you can conveniently book the cab from your place. All taxis are required by the Transport Department to be registered. Vehicles also meet stringent requirements. It is required that the cabs should be of the are of latest models, carry insurance and be maintained at least every six months and this is taken care of by Bhati tours. The cab also look clean and presentable.

Drivers are required to carry their licenses. All the drivers need to pass the test and they also have to a police verification process and check to see for any criminal backgrounds or bad behavior. All the measures must be taken to ensure a proper transportation service.

The taxi or cab service are also required to carry permit for their travel across the country. All the apps have their fare system which is fair and safe. All the payment systems are secure. Drivers must stick to the fees displayed, and the passenger should be able to see the meter at all times.

The ride starts when the passenger boards the cab. The meter or the app stops on the arrival of the destination. Everything is noted on the basis of number of kms. So one should not worry about the actual fare.  Extra charge is added when the driver is used to help in luggage while boarding and de boarding the cab. You should find an information poster behind the driver’s seat. This gives the name and telephone number of the taxi company, as well as the cab’s registration number and also that of the driver. So enjoy cab services in Jaipur with the assurance of safety and convenience with the leading travel agency in Jaipur, Bhati tours.

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