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If we see the geographical structure of Rajasthan we will find that the Jodhpur is situated in the centre of Rajasthan. After Jaipur, Jodhpur is the second largest city of Rajasthan. All those who are planning for Jodhpur sightseeing can enjoy the tour with the services of leading tour and travel agency in Jaipur, Bhati Tours. The tourists can reach the city easily due to its location. The car rental service for Jodhpur is the best option that one can opt for a hassle free tour. The weather and the climate of the city are hot. You will experience hot days and cool nights in the district. This is due to the desert atmosphere of the place. Jodhpur was founded by the Rao Jodha who was Rajput Chief in the year 1459. During the ancient Rajputana days, Jodhpur was the capital of Marwar (old name of Rajasthan) state. With the reliable services of leading tour and travel agency in Jaipur, Bhati Tours, one can enjoy memorable trip to Jodhpur.

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The main city of Jodhpur is a walled city. It is built within stonewall which spreads in about 10 kilometers. There are eight doors in the city that opens in eight different directions as well as lead to different locations in Jodhpur. Some of the famous gates of the place that one can explore in Jodhpur sightseeing are Nagori Gate, Sajoti Gate, Jalori Gate, Merti Gate, Siwanchi gate. These gates are famous from the ancient times when the rulers used to rule the city.

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On the top of the walls of these gates you will find the chambers for the guards. These chambers are armed with spikes of iron on the top. The entire 100 towers of Jodhpur are surrounded by battlements in defensive manner. All this reminds the pristine glory of the past when the rulers of various dynasties used to rule the city. One can find several palaces, forts, walls and towers which are major attraction for the tourists in Jodhpur.


The place is also famous for the various festivals. You will see various colors of different cultures and traditions here. Gangaur is a famous festival which is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Other festivals are also celebrated with equal enthusiasm. The people from all over the world visit this place to enjoy the warmth of the festivals.
If you are looking forward to visit the place then it won’t be a problem for you. With the reliable services of Bhati Tours, you can enjoy sightseeing with car rental services for Jodhpur.

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